Bonjour Jackie!

This morning, my friend Jackie died. I'd awaken very early and was thinking about her. How Sara brought her to see me when I'd broken my arm, not long after Jackie had her first brain surgery. She was so playful, as I'd never seen her before, holding the fake raven on her shoulder and saying "aargh" because I'd said she looked like a pirate. I was thinking about how she'd laughed so hard when Chuck said "au revoir" on greeting her, rather than "bonjour" and ever after we had to say "bonjour" when we parted company. I was thinking about how she enlarged our Passover experience, starting with my putting a few plastic frogs on the table, to amazing creations of the retelling of the  story, and the challenge to our kids to create ever more interesting and different visuals. I was thinking about how she enjoyed showing us the wardrobe of soft hats that Sara made for her. I wish this foto weren't a blur but we were in motion, saying "bonjour" at the end of our anniversary party last January. I love her big smile in this foto and wanted you to see it. She was a brave woman, valiant, was the word my sister gave us for her. She demonstrated graciousness, kindness, stubborn-ness and determination. She taught me a lot about how to BE.  She tried very hard to be here in this life for the birth of her grandson. She didn't make it. I will miss her. Bonjour, Jackie!

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If I'd have known I'd be using this as my recipe blog, I'd have chosen a different name. Oh well. Bon Apetit! Artist, Wife, and Mother to 2 grown offspring, reader, learner, traveler, letter writer, member of IUOMA, The Letter Writers Alliance, and The League of Space Pirates, and other leagues, alliances, and associations.
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One Response to Bonjour Jackie!

  1. That was a very heart wrenching piece…i know it must be very painful for you…but im sure the brave woman that Jackie was she is happy where she is now and spreading her glow there….Don't worry, whenever you just think about her she will be right there with u!!!

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