Shirley’s Lime and Sour Cream Pie!


I decided that, even though the temperature went down and it was chilly today, I wanted to make a summery pie. Shirley's Lime and Sour Cream Pie is a recipe that I've been using since I cut it out of a Bon Appetit magazine in June of 1983! I used a ready made graham cracker crust, which ended up being a bit crumbly so I didn't end up with attractive slices. The taste: as good as always.


3/4 C of sugar                  2 T cornstarch (or potato starch)
freshly grated peel of 2 limes, about 2.5 teaspoons
1/3 C of fresh lime juice
1 C half and half
1/4 C unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 C sour cream

1 baked 9" pie shell or a graham cracker crumb shell

Topping: 1 C whipping cream   1 to 2 T sugar (this is optional as far as I'm concerned)

Combine the 3/4 C of sugar with the corn starch and lime peel in a saucepan.
Mix Well.
Add lime juice and stir until smooth. Blend in the half & half and the butter.
Place over medium heat and stir until it starts to boil. (10 to 12 minutes)
Remove from Heat and cool.
Stir occasionally. When cool, fold in sour cream.
Pour into the pie shell and chill.

  Pour whipping cream in a bowl with the
sugar (or no sugar) and whiop up into soft peaks.
Spread on top of pie and serve.

Don't be afraid of the calories, don't count them.
 Enjoy a little piece of pie once in awhile.
Invite some friends in to eat this with you.

Bon appetit!

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If I'd have known I'd be using this as my recipe blog, I'd have chosen a different name. Oh well. Bon Apetit! Artist, Wife, and Mother to 2 grown offspring, reader, learner, traveler, letter writer, member of IUOMA, The Letter Writers Alliance, and The League of Space Pirates, and other leagues, alliances, and associations.
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One Response to Shirley’s Lime and Sour Cream Pie!

  1. Happy pie day… you……'the bloging lady'……!!

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